The name Magnolia & Cotton is a nod (ok, more than a nod) to my Southern heritage. It's an expression of my love for South Carolina and a massive tree in my front yard that blossoms with gorgeous, dinner-plate-sized fragrant flowers in springtime. It reminds me of porch swings and fireflies, bare feet and open windows. It reminds me of summer nights spent on the back porch, laughing with family around the dinner table. It reminds me of my wedding in an old church on a hot July afternoon. It reminds me of our last night in the South, facing the ceiling in the darkness, breathing in the humid air, realizing this was no longer our home. 

Magnolia & Cotton means family. Home. Past. Present. Love. Sadness. Hope. Joy. Newness. Hospitality. Authenticity. 

Life isn't the same as it once was. I'm a different person living in a different place doing different things. Magnolia & Cotton changes as I change, but nudges me to remember where I came from.

So grab a glass of sweet tea, curl up in your comfiest chair, and come along with me on my journey in the search for life's beauties.